September 1, 2012

How to file complaint against a sitting judge of High Court? #LawForLawman

You will not find any law books on this subject. A friend on twitter tweeted about serious complaint against a sitting judge of a High Court, hence I write this.

Following are tips:

1) Make no allegations of partiality or bias against judge.

2) Do not use harsh words in your complaint.

3) Just state exact words spoken by judge or exact action taken by judge which is wrong according to you. The details should be so specific that concerned judge can reply to it.

4) State clearly in your complaint that you are not making this complaint to make pressure on judge to give some favorable judgement in any case.

5) State clearly that you have no case pending in his court or in any other court. If you have any case, disclose full details.

6) State that you have utmost respect to judiciary.

7) Post it to Chief Justice of High Court and to Chief Justice of India. They have some powers to take action if they think fit.

8) Do not leak details of your complaints to press. It will amount to contempt.

9) Then give time to the Judiciary to correct itself.

10) Do not use contemptuous words.

11) After sending complaint, do not wait for reply. No one will reply you. These complaints are handled discreetly to maintain high image of Judiciary. Do not send reminders.

12) Treat your complaint as "Closed and forgotten".

Haresh Raichura